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My name is Harrison S. Weaver.
Thank you for your interest in my work!

Creating paintings (abstraction, impressionism) is an absolute contradiction to my education.
But it is my essence, which is much more important in my opinion! Very often people can’t put their thoughts in appropriate words, but it’s much more interesting to convey emotions and feelings through paints and brushes! I live with emotions and I love to give them sincerely!
I have three basic rules that I always follow:

  • Create only in a good mood;
  • Only take orders that I am really interested in. Only then it is possible to implement all the customer’s ideas and get “charged” with positive and moody work;
  • to use only qualitative material in the works with which it is pleasant to work, which it would be desirable to admire and which will inspire the owner long time.

It is madly pleasant to fill the room with mood, style and soul!
If you care what is placed on your walls, you want to breathe life into your room, emphasize style and individuality, then every detail is important.
I will be glad to take part in realization of your stylish wishes and ideas.