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Appendix # 4 Ordering Uber machines

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The article is a continuation of a series about my applications:

What applications do I use when traveling?
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Uber is a service ordered by machines. This is a real magic wand, especially when you come to another country, where you have not yet managed to acquire local money and do not know the rates for a taxi.

With Uber, you can be sure that you will not be deceived. All drivers are verified, there is an individual rating, photos of drivers, so from the point of view of safety, everything is fine too. Even if something happens, the support responds promptly and quickly helps solve problems. I remember how the driver drove me to the airport in Ho Chi Minh City and did not complete the trip, but completed it when I returned to the city center. I was written off a double amount, but after the appeal, they quickly recalculated.

If we talk about the functional, then everything is standard:

Choose your starting point
Point of arrival
And you order a car

When ordering a car, the full amount is immediately frozen and comes to the driver after the trip is completed.

After the trip, you have the opportunity to rate the driver, and he, respectively, as a passenger. My current rating is 4.88. For a long time, I had a rating of 4.95, but somehow after a trip to Malaysia, where I used Uber very actively, the rating dipped – I didn’t like the Malaysian drivers. 🙂

It is important that this is a global application that works in a large number of countries, moreover, Uber tries to take into account national peculiarities. For example, in the same Vietnam, motorbike is the main mode of transport, so the opportunity to order bikes, the so-called Uber-bike, is added. In some countries you can find the possibility of ordering a car in stock, the so-called. Uber-pool.

I use Uber regularly, for example, on a recent trip to Mexico, I used it in Mexico City 7 times.

In general, I recommend to use, a good thing! Allows you to save money and protect your nerves.

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