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How to postpone the payment of the ticket?

There are situations when you have found the right ticket, but before you take it, you need to settle a number of points. In other words, you need time to think things over and agree again. Some airlines officially and free of charge offer this opportunity, for example, S7 or

Annex 1. Maps

You can get acquainted with my basic set of travel apps here. This app is probably my number one helper. When I arrive at a new place, the first thing I open is The functionality is very simple and convenient, you can: load the map offline set tags use

Appendix # 2. DropBox Storage

The article is a continuation of a series about my applications: What applications do I use when traveling? Annex 1. Maps DropBox – file storage in the cloud. In general, then, you can use any other service, but I really liked this one. 2GB free Access from any device

Choose a convenient way to follow the blog.

I received comments that through the instagaram announcements it is inconvenient to follow the blog, since there are no direct links. Someone asked to add a subscription via email, someone is more convenient to rss, and someone more convenient to follow through the social network. I decided to add various

Where to put miles for the flight?

Many people think that miles should be added only to their main program (In Russia, often, this is an Aeroflot bonus or S7 Priority) and if there is no possibility to put miles into any of these programs, then you should not even bother. This is the wrong approach. The

Belgium pass – an opportunity to go to Belgium for 150 euros

Brussels Airlines has a great offer for over a year already – Belgium Pass. This is such a combo ticket, which includes: Flight with Brussels Airlines from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Brussels Airport (RT) for a period of 3 to 6 days Unlimited train tickets throughout Belgium Voucher for

What to do if you do not have time to dock?

I recently had a flight with LOT from Moscow to Poznan with a connection in Warsaw, which was 50 minutes. The plane from Moscow was delayed for an hour and I did not have time for my flight to Poznan. What to do in such cases? The first and most

Moscow. Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO). Terminal E. Kosmos Business Hall

The Cosmos business hall is located on the 3rd floor of Terminal E in the international departures hall between the Galaxy and Mastercard halls. Entrance to the halls "Cosmos" and "Galaxy" are located next to each other. Both the status and business passengers, as well as PriorityPass holders, are allowed

What can you expect from flying with LOT?

LOT is the flagship Polish carrier based at Warsaw airport. Flies to Russia to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In order to go to Poznan, I made 4 flights with this airline. Let's see what can be expected when flying in economy class for a short distance with this airline? Aircraft.

How to buy a ticket without passport data?

There are situations when you need to buy a ticket, but there is no passport data at hand or there may be a situation that the passport is in the process of being replaced or you have not received it at all, and good tickets are already on sale. How