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Lufthansa business class Moscow (DME) – Frankfurt (FRA)

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The flight to Frankfurt departed at 6.05 and at about 5.40 I left the Austian Airline business lounge and headed for the landing.

Landing was at gate number 1, when I approached, people were already boarding the plane. Since I did not have time for a priority landing, I decided to skip all the people and enter already among the latter.

Technical flight information:

Flight: LH1451
Time: 6.06-8.30
Class: Business
Location: 1F
Airplane: Airbus A320

The business class cabin was powerful, there were 8 rows on the left, 7. on the right, I chose a place for 1F – by the window in the first row on the right.

European business class Lufthansa is essentially an economy class, only with an empty seat in the middle. The distance between the economy class and business class seats is the same and is only 30 inches.

Even Aeroflot has 32 inches of economy in the A320, and the business has 30. There is little space for legs.

During the take-off, beautiful views of waking Moscow opened up.

Even before takeoff distributed the menu.

For breakfast, you could choose waffles or scrambled eggs and order various drinks. It was too early for alcohol, so I chose eggs and coffee.

Everything was served on one tray.

I slowly had breakfast and had a little nap before we went to the landing.

In flight, the Internet was also offered at the following rates: 3 euros (150kbit / s), 7 euros (600 kbit / s) and 12 euros (15Mbit / s), I did not use this service.

At the end of the flight, each passenger in a business class was presented with a stylized chocolate bar as a book. I must say that it was delicious.

When approaching Frankfurt, here are the views.


In general, a good flight turned out, 3 hours passed quickly. The service was moderately helpful and not intrusive, but the food is delicious. But I certainly would not specifically make an effort to intend to fly the Lufthansa euro-business, yes, the food is good, but not so good as to overpay for a ticket 2 times. And the chairs are the same as in economy.

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