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Rihanna drew attention to US immigration policy

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Yesterday, Rihanna announced the start of sales of a new drop of her fashion brand Fenty, which she launched together with the concern LVMH this year. In addition, the release includes T-shirt dresses with a large “Immigrant” lettering on the back for $ 240.

Some Fenty instagram account subscribers have criticized this model and noted that few of the real immigrants in the US can afford such a thing because of its price. Other users, on the contrary, saw this as Rihanna’s desire to draw attention to the problem of the immigration policy of President Donald Trump.

Earlier, Rihanna faced criticism because of the new cover of Chinese Harper's Bazaar. She shot for the magazine in the image of an oriental beauty, which caused accusations of cultural appropriation and disrespect of the inhabitants of Asia against both the singer and the publishing team.


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