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Bvlgari has released a collection of belt bags Serpenti Forever

The Bvlgari brand has launched a Serpenti Forever calf leather belt collection with a recognizable snake head closure. The palette of shades chosen for the novelty repeats the colors of gems – from caramel quartz and bright yellow citrine to carmine jasper and cobalt tourmalin. Also available in the collection

Nikita Truck will release bags with instructions for survival during Mercury retrograde

From July 8 to August 1, a period of retrograde Mercury begins – astrology experts associate apathy, fatigue and heated emotions with this time. Designer Nikita Lorry, known for bright belt bags, launches a collaboration with the Telegram channel Retrograde Mercury. The joint collection will include accessories in four designs

Albert Elbaz and Tod’s showcase a joint collection

01 / 09 02 / 09 03 / 09 04 / 09 05 / 09 06 / 09 07 / 09 08 / 09 09 / 09 news | Fashion Albert Elbaz and Tod’s showcase a joint collection Footwear based on the iconic Gommini moccasins and bags with embossed logos

Plastic bags and packaging will disappear from Uniqlo stores

Uniqlo brand purchases shopping plastic bags plastic box   .