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Overview of First Class Emirates from Hong Kong (HGK) to Dubai (DXB) on the A380

Technical information: Flight: EK0383 Time: 17.55-23.05 Class: First Location: 2A Airplane: Airbus A380 The flight took place on the two-story handsome Airbus A380. The first class in the A380 is located on the second floor in front of the aircraft and consists of one cabin in 14 seats. General view

How did I buy a first-class Emirates ticket?

Here is my review of the first-class flight Emirates on the route Seoul-Dubai, but the review of the flight Dubai-Moscow Flying first class Emirates – expensive! The lowest prices I find now are about $ 2,400 (~ 150,000 rubles) for O / W along the Tunis-Bangkok route. Specifically, on the

First class flight review of Emirates from Dubai (DXB) to Moscow (DME)

Technical information: Flight: EK0131 Time: 16.15-20.40 Class: First Location: 2A Airplane: Airbus A380 In fact, it was exactly the same product as the first-class review from Hong Kong (HKG) to Dubai (DXB) aboard the Airbus A380. Therefore, I will not describe in detail, but I will make a video insert